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Alaska, the true Final Frontier for the United States of America. Though it has a healthy population, the vast majority of the state is a lush and breathtaking landscape that is one of the last great reminders of what life can be like when untouched by humanity. But if you're not getting around via snow machine or dogsled (which happens to be the state's official sport) or hiking, that means you're going to be cruising along one of the state's long stretches of road (although Alaska is the only state in the Union that doesn't have interstate highways). That means you've found a car for sale at one of the 130 dealerships in the state, and are more than likely one of more than 700,000 registered drivers who average about 9,449 miles driven per year.

You may at some point find yourself on the Alaska Highway, a 1,523 mile stretch of road that extends from Dawson Creek, British Columbia that serves as the only total road link between Alaska and the rest of North America. It was originally built as a military supply route during World War II, but now it serves more to ferry along drivers instead of supplies to assist the Allied Forces. There's more to driving in Alaska than an old military supply route, thankfully. Alaska also features miles upon miles of gorgeous scenic routes, such as Hatcher Pass Scenic Drive, Denali Park Road, Turnagain Arm Drive and Artic Valley Road, each providing the opportunity to take in some of the most majestic vistas in the world.

Just make sure you don't tether your dog to the top of your vehicle. That is, explicitly, against the law in Alaska.

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